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About the Client

Founded in 1967, Beer Meister is the creator of the original beer-dispensing "Kegerator". Additionally, they carry fine ingredients and equipment for homebrewing and winemaking.

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About the Brand

Beer Meister came to Wagento in search of both a new website and a new identity. This being my first big project at Wagento, I put my heart and soul into the creation of its brand, creating a variety of logos that define what Beer Meister stands for. I also created a custom typeface and a myriad of custom icons for them so I could provide perfect pairings to every aspect of the new brand.

The creation of this new identity drove the design of Beer Meister's new website. Using big, bold imagery, colors, and typography, the design of this site was aimed at an audience who (much like the Beer Meister brand) take pride in boldly crafting something of their own.

About Beer Meister Brand
About Beer Meister Fonts
About Beer Meister Icons

There were three main aspects to the home page design, so we utilized a full-page slider of sorts to show these three overarching categories on the same page. Shown below are the three categories: "Beer Dispensing", "Winemaking", and "Homebrewing". When the user selects the icon from the bottom of the main slider, all of the content on the page will shift to mirror the selected category.

Desktop & Mobile Mock Ups - Beer Dispensing Desktop & Mobile Mock Ups - Beer Dispensing Mobile
Desktop & Mobile Mock Ups - Winemaking Desktop & Mobile Mock Ups - Winemaking Mobile
Desktop & Mobile Mock Ups - Homebrewing Desktop & Mobile Mock Ups - Homebrewing Mobile

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